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Different times
17 March 2018 20:30

While I was waiting for a haircut at the barber's this morning, I noticed an old magazine in the collection. A copy of the Radio Times from the 1970s. I have no idea why it was there but I picked it up to have a look. The Radio Times, I should point out, is (despite its name) a TV listings magazine. It's published by the BBC and has been around for longer than television (obviously).

Different Times.

  • Only BBC stations were listed - two TV channels and four radio stations.
  • There was a total of about ten films shown all week on the BBC
  • TV didn't start till 9am in the morning, closed down for two hours in the afternoon, and again at about 11.30pm at night
  • Radio 1 and Radio 2 shared several programmes, and Radio 1 didn't have a FM frequency
  • The listings marked which TV programmes were in colour and which radio programmes were in stereo - both were not universal and so worthy of note

We were going to run the Eastleigh 10k tomorrow, but its been cancelled owing to the predicted weather conditions. They are hoping to run it later in the year. I think probably a sensible decision - wind chill forecast for -9 plus snow making for tough running conditions - and even worse for the marshals and co who have to stand around. It was cold enough at parkrun this morning - for the first time ever I kept my jacket on while running. Twas muddy too - pretty much all over, slowing time down considerably.

The sale of my flat (US apartment) has fallen through, which is a major poo, particualrly as we pretty much had all the ducks in a row on our side to exchanged contracts. Apparently my buyers had a dodgy credit history and couldn't get a mortgage. I will take solace from the fact that now they have had a mortgage application refused, they probably have an even dodgier credit history.

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