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Time for a break
15 July 2017 18:25

The Future Mrs Barefoot has taken the younger two sprogs plus a friend of CS3 to London today. CS2 has volunteered to be a steward at one of the summer rock festivals so he had a training day in London today; The Future Mrs Barefoot thought it a good opportunity to take CS3 plus friend on a shopping trip.

I’d already booked my car for an MOT this afternoon, so couldn’t go. Not that I’m bothered; there’s only so much enjoyment that can be obtained from trailing a group of women round the shops (that amount being … er … none), and besides, it meant I could sit in the garden and drink beer all day.

Yeah right. The Future Mrs Barefoot left me with a list that included: mend puncture in bike (which I haven’t yet done); tidy the garden (which I haven’t yet done); prepare dinner for when we get home (which I haven’t yet done). Come to think of it, that was pretty much the entire list.

But I have been shopping to buy victuals for dinner (chicken with honey and lemon, methinks). In fact, I went shopping twice. On my first trip, I bought pretty much the amount we normally get when there are two of us to carry it, temporarily forgetting that there was only one of us. On the second trip I bought some plastic glasses (if that isn’t a contradiction) for our mini engagement celebration next week.

Then I thought “hmm, no one in the house to get in my way; I’m going to blitz the bathroom”. So that’s what I’ve spent a few hours doing. You would not believe the amount of stuff a household consisting of three women can accumulate – or maybe you would. I know the menstrual cycle is important, but SEVEN unopened packs of sanitary towels? Really?

Seeing as there was no one to contradict me, I took an executive decision and, based on apparent lack of use, binned most of what I found. And just to make sure my decision remains beyond reversal, I took it all to the tip.

I took my car for its MOT test this afternoon. For non-UK readers, this is an annual test of road-worthiness that every car over three-years old has to take. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, which is a bit odd seeing as there hasn’t been a Ministry of Transport for donkeys’ years.

While it was being tested, I walked to the nearby carpet remnants store to get some flooring for the bathroom, and to the DIY store to get a knife to cut it with. I hadn’t appreciated how difficult carrying a 2-metre roll of vinyl flooring can be. I also bought weed killer for the driveway which I applied when I got back - not sure what effect it will have on the weeds, but it has bleached the driveway.

While I was in the carpet store I overheard a parent tell his 6-year old (ish) son: “no we can’t have AstroTurf”.
“yes we can – then we can play football up and down the stairs” was the reply.
Don’t you just love the enthusiasm of young children.

And in other news, we have set a date for the wedding – with venues booked for both ceremony and reception. Last weekend we went out for a meal with a group of friends, two of whom got married (to each other) a couple of years ago; they were able to give us a few hints and tips. It also turned out that the female of this couple, whom I have known for about 25 years, is the god-daughter of a friend of The Future Mrs Barefoot’s (distant friend now, but they have been on camping trips together in the past, and still keep in touch via another mutual common friend).

Right, tea-break over, back to the grindstone.

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