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The theory of anything
22 January 2015 21:08

Walking across the car park at work yesterday morning, I heard a strumming noise. I assumed someone was listening to folk music, but I was surprised to see someone sitting in a car and playing a ukulele. That’s not something you see every day. And yes I really do mean that someone was getting a tune out of a small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin; it’s not a euphemism.

Saturday morning, CGF Sprog 1 had a sports event in Bournemouth, so CGF took her there and I did the Saturday-morning taxi-service for the other two. The plan was that I take CGF Sprog 2 to his event, then come back and cycle with CGF Sprog 1 to hers. Then I would cycle to pick up CGF 2 and we could go for a bike ride (CGF Sprog 2 could make his own way home, if you were wondering (or even following)).

So I got back between trips and was just thinking how nice it was to have an hour to myself when CGF rang. CGF Sprog 1 had forgotten her shoes (her sports shoes, not her outdoor shoes – going out without any shoes would be a serious case of juvenile dementia) and could I bring them down. Well, I reckoned that I had just enough time to get to Bournemouth and back before it was time to collect CGF Sprog 2 – and I did, just about (though picked her up by car, then we cycled from home).

Here’s a paragraph that only men will understand. Ladies can nod and smile. We’d been to the Bournemouth sports venue last week, so I was able to find my way there and back (access and egress were different routes) without the help of a map or sat-nav.

For our bike ride we went through the park with the little railway. A train was at the station, so I took some photos of that, and then we raced the train up to the level-crossing to take more photos. It was like a re-enactment of “tit for tat”, though we weren’t clergymen and we didn’t splash mud over the engine. Only a true Thomas the Tank Engine fan will recognise that reference.

Saturday evening CGF and I went to see “The Theory of Everything” with another couple. We’d mentioned seeing it when we met up with them over Christmas and, seeing as they are more organised than we are, they arranged it. It was an enjoyable film, in a bio-pic rather than a science way. I did think it could have done with some captions to give the dates. You don't know whether there was a gap of a few weeks or a few years between scenes – particular as the actors didn’t really age much (especially Professor Remus Lupin who didn’t age at all in the 30 or so years that the film covered). There also may have been a continuity error towards the end – I need to watch it again to check.

We came out of the cinema at 10:30 – just time for last orders (which is an old-school term that doesn’t seem to apply any more – in fact we were in the pub till almost midnight and no one seemed to want to chuck us out).

I wonder if any research has seen done on the increase in workload of the pot-man since the “new glasses for new drink” law came in. In the old days we would take our empty glasses up to the bar as they would be refilled. Now there is no benefit in doing this so we leave them on the table for someone else to pick up.

My BSODing computer was finally fixed – on Tuesday, after two more calls to the tech people. Though for some reason some of the applications haven’t yet been reinstalled. Such as MS Office - it’s surprising how far you can get without opening a Word document!

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