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three threes
01 May 2017 18:28

1) There is a world shortage of avocados. Well, that’s Waitrose shopper news story if ever there was one. There seemed to be plenty at Chavsda this morning – price £1 each. As they are not generally on my shopping list I have no idea whether or not that is more expensive than usual.

2) I remember when they were called Avocado Pears.

3) Bank holiday today. And so soon after Easter. As Friday is a “take the day off you’ve already done the work” day, this gives me a three-day working week. And this will happen again at the end of the month.

4) A day out at Microsoft last week, for their annual show-and-tell event. It was an enjoyable day as these things go. Typical brochure-style presentation, showing what wonderful stuff the technology can do, while hiding the complexity behind the scenes.

5) The food was good – and moderately healthy. Grilled chicken and tuna, couscous, salad, etc. Oh yeah, and pastries and cakes and more cakes.

6) On my way home I stopped at the supermarket to get some butter (OK, bugger-me-it’s-marge). Which escalated into several other items – too many to carry easily but I’d not taken a bag with me. My first plan was to take them to the car in the shopping basket, but the super-efficient shop assistant cleared that away before I had a chance. So, I stuffed my pockets, shoplifter-style (don’t worry I had paid), and carried the rest as best could. I dropped one item in the car park, so kicked it across to the car.

7) They did have two types of Hook Norton Ale – Old Hooky and Hooky Gold. You don’t often see either in a store this far from north Oxfordshire, never mind both.

8) Coming out of the supermarket I headed to where I remembered I’d parked. No Car. Looked at the next row – still no car. I was beginning to worry slightly, though fairly incredulously, that the car had been stolen until I found it several rows away. What? Had my man’s sense of direction failed? No! The supermarket had two doors – I’d entered through one and exited through the other so my “position of the car relative to the door” was 50 yards out.

9) I’ve watched a couple of films recently that I’ve seen before – or thought I’d seen before. In both films a scene that I remembered from being towards the end turned out to be in the middle. Conclusion: some versions of film have scenes in a different order. Alternative conclusion: sometimes I fall asleep during films.

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