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Lies, Damns Lies and Brexit
11 December 2020 10:21

So, despite all those promises that countries would be queuing up to make trade deals after the UK leaves the EU, it seems that we can’t even get a trade deal with our largest trading partner.

The Prime Minster has warned people and businesses to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Which could also be interprets as “I’ve messed up, but you lot can pay the consequences”.

It’s all right – we will have an “Australian-style” deal, whatever that is. Not very good, according to the ex-Australian PM.

One of the reasons given for leaving the EU was that our trade shouldn't be regulated by the European Commission, an unelected body. If we leave without a delay, our trade will be regulated by the World Trade Organization which is … er … an unelected body.

Nice one Boris. Must be great to be able to win elections with half-truths and misrepresentations, and when it goes pear-shaped get everyone else to dig you out of the hole.

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