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Rambling and running
31 January 2021 21:02

Tier 4 lockdown measures allow only one period of away-from-home exercise per day. This is a bit of a burden as while I have been working from home, I have got in the habit of going for a walk before work each morning, and sometimes a run in the evening too.

I did consider doing a walk anyway cos, like it’s 0730 and no one’s going to see me. But then remembered that this is one of the excuses criminals use to justify their crime to themselves (“if no one sees it, it isn’t really a crime”).

So, I have taken to walking round my garden. Although I am lucky enough (as UK houses go) to live in a semi-detached property with a path from front to back and a two-car drive, it is still not a big property. The loop from patio to drive is about 70 steps. I can increase this by 20 steps by going round the rest of the garden, but as it is currently wet and muddy, I don’t do this much. So round and round I go - many many times. In fact, my record, on Friday, was 3 km.

I don’t know how many circuits I do. I did start counting them, but then found I was spending so long counting that I want enjoying it. So now I just walk and ponder. It is an awesome experience. On Friday I pondered various reasons why the Gospel of St John uses “on the next day” so often.

Of course, it does mean that I have to decide well in advance “will I got for a run tonight” – and then keep to that decision otherwise, well I could have gone for walk round the streets rather than round the house.

Yesterday, Mrs B and I selected a muddy route and a not-so-muddy route for our Saturday notparkrun. Guess who did which? It turned out that even the non-so-muddy route was quite muddy in places and the muddy route had both mud and puddles. There weren’t many people in the park – I wonder why. I did a double length run, my first 10 km of the year (4 km on road, 6 km off-road) and completed it in about 52 minutes, despite the conditions. That’s the benefit of a good pair of trail shoes – I didn’t realise they would have so much grip until I bought a pair.

Last week I went for a run through some woods. I must have gone through brambles as I had several deep scratches on my leg when I got home – with blood flowing down to my foot. I hadn’t noticed!

I've also signed up for a Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG) challenge (virtual - all my exercise mileage is converted to distance also the LEJOG route). For non-UK readers, Lands End and John O'Groats are the two points the furthest away on the island of Great Britain. Neither are the most southerly, northerly, easterly or westerly points but, because of the strange way geography works, they are the most distant.

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