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22 March 2019 21:43

I’ve just found the first ever Now That’s What I Call Music on iTunes. How cool is that? I now reliving my youth (on headphones so I don’t annoy the rest of the household - which currently consists of Youngest Child only). No pig though.

Speaking of youngest child: she got stuck on her maths homework earlier, and I was able to help her. How amazing is that? I used my general A-Level maths plan of “if in doubt, differentiate – and if that doesn’t work, integrate”.

At work, for some bizarre reason they decided I should have line-manager responsibility, and gave me a team to look after. They may regret it, as I keep arguing with people when I stick up for my staff.

The idea was sold to me in that I would look after three or four people – transferring from my boss, who would provide advice and support to me. I was given eight people, which has now increased to ten with two more planned, and my boss has been off sick ever since! Still, it’s meant I’ve had to find out things got myself, such as how to order IT monitors, how to get a new-starter on board, how to interview, the intricacies of the company’s sick policy, and work my way round the HR system.

To be honest, I’m quite enjoying the new role and the new challenges it presents.

So far, I have discovered that a manager: drinks more coffee, gets more email, and spends more time away from the desk. Part of my team are based in a different building, so I make a point of popping down to see them once or twice a day. If I’ve got a message for someone, I will go and tell them face-to-face rather than by phone or email.

One morning one of my staff asked if she could have some different work as she was bored with what she was doing and, frankly, it wasn’t what she had been hired for. I promised I would do what I could but explained that we were dependant on what work came in. The very next day a Project Manager asked if I had any resource for a certain job – the very work I was looking for! How fortuitous was that?

Outside work, I’ve also been made tower captain of the local bellringing tower. I only went to the AGM to make sure I didn’t get elected! That plan didn’t work. To be accurate, I’m joint tower captain; I look after practices and my oppo looks after Sundays.

Non-working Friday today, so I’ve been busy. I started with a bit of shopping, then came home and cut the lawn and pulled a few weeds. Then I got the pressure washer out and washed the car and jet-washed the drive. I wish I hadn’t done them in that order! I even pulled up the grating from the gully at the bottom of the drive and cleaned that drain.

Mrs B got home at 5 (I was having a well-deserved nap at that point) and we went for a short run. Eastleigh 10km Sunday – according to some running magazine, one of the top ten 10km races in the country. I don’t know what the criteria were but they do say that it’s not for the scenery.

It’s reached Too Shy by Kajagoogoo.

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