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Agreement and Disagreement
16 November 2018 21:52

The Brexit negotiations have finally produced a draft agreement but half the cabinet have thrown their toys out of the pram - including the Brexit secretary who, we assume, is the person who negotiated the agreement in the first place. Other MPs other allegedly said that they would oppose it even before they'd seen it – which possibly says more about the MPs than the agreement.

OK, I’ve not seen the agreement either. But I’m willing (at the moment) to trust that my government has negotiated the best deal they could, under the circumstances. Those circumstances being that it has to be something that both sides will agree on. The clue is in the name: agreement. Anyone who was expecting it to contain everything that is beneficial to the UK and nothing that is detrimental is, quite frankly, living in cloud-cuckoo land.

So maybe after Brexit we should stop selling to Europe. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Both sides would suffer, but I’d guess that Europe would get over it more quickly than the UK would. Let’s suppose the entire nation decided to stop shopping at Tesco (or any other supermarket of your choice). It would be inconvenient for some consumers. They may have to travel further to do the weekly shop; they may not be able to get some items. But overall, they would cope. Tesco, however, would soon be bankrupt*.

Besides which, why on earth would we want to stop trading with Europe? It’s our closest market; we have good communication links; we already make goods that are compatible with their regulations. Surely continuing trade is a no-brainer.

Should the Prime Minster and/or Government resign? Let’s think about that for a moment. Both scenarios would lead to a period of uncertainty until a new PM / Government gets elected, after which … er … we would still have the same Brexit agreement.

I’m not an apologist for the government, the conservative party, or Teresa May. I think the whole Brexit fiasco could have been handled better. For a start, I think it should have been a cross-party process. Keeping the negotiations within the government has turned the whole thing into a political football. The result of the Brexit negotiations is more important than the result of the next election.

*Yes, I do know that, as a corporate entity, Tesco would go into liquidation not go bankrupt.

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